Full-automatic HRF100 slurry seal truck for highway pavement maintenance micro-surfacing and slurry seal operation
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HRF100 slurry seal truck is the real automatic and hydraulic slurry seal in China, which can realize the micro-surfacing and slurry seal operation of high-grade highway pavement maintenance. Due to the adoption of electro-hydraulic proportional control technology, the integration and progressiveness of control are ensured, and the accurate proportioning of slurry mixture is ensured, so as to provide users with accurate raw material consumption parameters and ensure that users have a correct grasp of construction costs.


HRF100 is developed by our company according to the actual situation of highway maintenance in China after absorbing the advantages of slurry sealers in the world. This machine is famous for its high cost performance, simple operation and easy maintenance, which reduces the training time of operators and the maintenance difficulty of operators. The design concept of the machine is to think of users, improve the efficiency and quality of construction work from the actual situation of users, and create more value for users.

HRF100 successfully uses the combination of touch screen and PLC to send control commands to the PLC through the touch screen, and finally completes the operation and control of various execution parts of the equipment through the PLC. The touch screen control software is designed with graphical chemical control software. The interface is simple and clear, and the function setting is comprehensive, including more than 20 interfaces such as the main interface (raw material ratio setting, time display, function buttons of other interfaces, etc.), system parameter setting interface, printing interface, etc. The user can easily input any mixture parameter into the touch screen, and then press the Run key, The equipment can operate in strict accordance with the set proportion. The whole control system adopts closed-loop control to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the proportion. The automation degree of the equipment is improved, and the influence of human factors on the construction effect is reduced.