What are the advantages and characteristics of Scarlett's decontamination vehicle?
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The sewage suction and purification vehicle is a professional sewage treatment equipment. This vehicle is a new product developed by our company for many years. It is mainly used for the rapid and harmless treatment of septic tanks. At the same time, it is an automatic high-tech product for the rapid and harmless treatment of septic tank sewage for other sewage containing flocculent sewage.


Compared with traditional sewage treatment facilities, the sewage suction and purification vehicle is mobile Suction sewage purification vehicle The obvious advantage is that it can be moved, where there is sewage to be treated, it can go, take water locally, treat it locally and discharge it locally. The sewage treatment efficiency is high, the effect is good, the odor at the treatment site is small, and it also has the function of dredging the municipal pipeline.

The suction and purification vehicle is highly automated and easy to operate. On the basis of absorbing various technologies of similar products at home and abroad, various humanized designs are carried out. Its reasonable and reliable design ensures the speed of sewage treatment and reduces the cost of sewage treatment. The technical performance of the vehicle is ahead of that of similar products. At the same time, the vehicle can be equipped with high-pressure pump to dredge the pipeline according to customers' needs, and can also be equipped with sprinkler pump to sprinkle water. The vehicle has complete functions and can be used for multiple purposes, meeting your various needs.