What are the uses and advantages of MP2000 multifunctional road maintenance vehicle?
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    Today, introduce the MP2000 developed and produced by Scarlett Multi-functional road maintenance vehicle,at present, there is no special equipment for disease maintenance of cast steel bridge deck, and there are many types of conventional machines and tools that cannot be integrated, resulting in cumbersome operation and complex maintenance. Therefore, a cast multi-functional maintenance vehicle is urgently needed to solve the existing problems in maintenance. The vehicle chassis is used as the bearing platform. Through the configuration of various working devices, it integrates various functions of highway daily maintenance into one vehicle, which can achieve the purpose of rapid construction, rapid transition and emergency maintenance.


    MP2000 multifunctional maintenance vehicle integrates various functions such as road daily maintenance; The vehicle uses the chassis of the national VI heavy truck as the carrier to complete the rapid transition; The diesel generator set equipped on the vehicle is used to provide power output for the electrical devices on the vehicle; The power take-off at the chassis side provides power output for the hydraulic system; The upper hydraulic air compressor outputs compressed air to provide working air for the sandblasting machine; The electric pick equipped on the vehicle is used to dig the pits and grooves for the daily maintenance of the road surface; The shot blasting machine equipped on the top is powered and driven to carry out the shot blasting operation on the road; The filling and sealing machine equipped on the top is used for joint filling construction of pavement maintenance; The two-component grouting machine equipped on the top is used for grouting construction of pavement cracks; The mixer equipped on the top is used for pouring asphalt mixing; The hand-held roller equipped on the top is used for rolling construction of pavement maintenance surface. The equipment is driven by the combination of electric drive and hydraulic drive to improve the cost performance and configuration rationality of the equipment.


    This multi-function Maintenance vehicle It can be applied to the daily maintenance and construction of road carriageway, bridge deck, parking lot, school area, intersection, railway intersection, dangerous intersection, toll gate, sharp corner, intersection, overpass, hospital area, playground, gymnasium and other similar pavement.