Scarlett was invited to participate in the 5th Shandong Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Circular Economy Summit Forum!
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35.jpgOn October 27, relevant technicians from the Ministry of Soil and Fertilizer of the Municipal Agricultural Technology Center participated in the 2022 5th Shandong Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Circular Economy Summit Forum held by the Shandong Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Circular Industry Alliance in Jinan. This forum brought together well-known domestic experts and representatives of excellent enterprises in the province to actively discuss livestock and poultry manure compost and its application technology, resource utilization process and products, and promote the green development of the industry.


     Since the 21st century, the breeding mode of livestock and poultry breeding has gradually developed to scale and intensification. While improving production efficiency, the livestock and poultry manure and other wastes generated in the process of breeding have also increased significantly. At present, many kinds of dung treatment methods in the market can not meet the needs of low cost, low operation and high efficiency production of aquaculture farms. For this reason, Scarlett has been committed to the research and development of low cost, high efficiency utilization and high standard treatment technology of livestock and poultry manure resources for many years.


    After years of research and exploration, our company independently developed Livestock and poultry manure resource treatment system and the treatment method obtained the national invention patent. Realized the intelligent management of one-stop collection, treatment and reuse of poultry manure and rural domestic sewage! The dung resource treatment equipment adopts the modular combination design of containers, without the need for construction land and environmental impact assessment, and has a small floor area. The treatment modules can be freely combined, and can be transported to different sites for treatment operations, which solves the problems of large investment and high operating costs in traditional and industrialized mode of dung treatment. The centralized collection of rural manure and livestock and poultry manure can be separated from solid and liquid through the waste reduction treatment. The solid matter can be converted into manure after being treated by the solid resource treatment system. The liquid matter can be extracted from about 25% - 30% of the organic concentrated liquid to form liquid fertilizer after being treated by the liquid waste resource treatment system. The remaining 70% can be used for recycling water and returning water, and the waste can be turned into treasure through the treated waste, It has effectively solved the treatment problems of rural manure and livestock manure. So that the majority of users of China's agriculture and animal husbandry can realize the closed-loop treatment of dung resources, achieve 100% utilization, and achieve zero pollution discharge. Green development path of sustainable ecological cycle.

     With its strong scientific and technological strength, advanced production equipment and strict quality management system, Scarlett Auto ensures the leading technology and excellent quality of its products. The company has formed two major sectors, namely, special engineering vehicles for road maintenance and special vehicles and equipment for environmental engineering, and has produced more than 40 types of vehicles. As a national high-tech enterprise, it has obtained more than 30 national utility model patents and three invention patents. It has a number of provincial and municipal R&D and innovation platforms, including Hebei Intelligent Maintenance Equipment Technology Innovation Center, Hebei Enterprise Technology Center, Liu Xiaojun Provincial Innovation Studio, and Hebei Enterprise Technology Center, providing strong support and guarantee for technical innovation and quality control.